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The Digital Tool for Screen Printing and Embroidery Businesses

Better Business Management through Tailored Software Designed by Experts with more than 50 years in the
Screen Printing Business.

Subscriber Portal

Easy-Read Calendar

Quickly view all projects due for the calendar month.

Pricing Matrix

Use the catalogs from the Eaze Flow library, or upload your own pricing with our fully customizable Matrix.

Artwork Approval

Quickly attach design files (in any format) for easy approval by your customers - no hassle, no delays.

Robust Search

Our search function is fully comprehensive and allows you to search by any keyword - invoice number, customer name, and even by quote.

Labor Tracking

Actual labor tracking for set up and production run times.

Modify Quotes

Use our system to quickly and easily create and edit quotes for all customers, job types, and project sizes.

Follow Orders

A clearly defined process to easily turn customer quotes into complete orders, ready to put into production.

Quote Summary

Easily see a brief breakdown of every quote your business has made, and track the status of each quote.

Place Orders

Quickly convert quotes into orders, create new orders, or duplicate previous orders.

Modify Orders

View all orders as a list or on a calendar, providing maximum control over every project.

Order Summary

Take a shallow dive into each order to quickly see what the requirements are per individual order.

Activity Feed

Use the activity feed to see what's on the docket for the day, or view specific details on individual orders.

Print Invoices

A simple conversion process that can automatically turn orders into printable and shareable invoices.

Track Shipping

Easily view and track every order that ships from your business, wherever it is in the world.

Manage Companies & Contacts

Easy-access address Book so you can add, edit, or delete contacts and companies in your network.

Communicate with Customers

Streamline all customer communication, including emails, and instant messaging, through your internal dashboard.

Send & Receive Notifications

Create custom notifications or select from our pre-existing template library to send to your customers.

Customize Workflow

Create and automate custom workflow processes for screen printing & embroidery per your requirements.

Generate Reports

Robust analytics on your business with clear and simple reporting for advanced control.

Monitor Production

Know where every order is in it's production life cycle at the exact moment you're looking.

Integrate with Quickbooks

Use our migration system to transfer all customer and order data into Quickbooks in real time, without lag.

Payment Gateways

Our system supports integration with all major payment gateways, allowing you multiple payment collection options.

Shipping Companies

Simple integration with all major shipping companies, including USPS, UPS, FedEx and more.

Payment Terms

Establish clear, upfront payment terms with your customers, with automatic reminders when payment is due.

Manage Taxes

Support multiple tax setups for clients in different states, counties and countries.

Shipment Methods

Select or modify shipping methods per order, all within the system itself.

Price Settings

Manage multiple price lists, plus juggle several customer tier pricing models.

Production Lead

View lead times and easily manage orders to improve production efficiencies.

Rush Fee

Simply rush any order, calculating in the necessary fees and notifying the right people.

Ink Settings

Choose between all color and ink options to select the one you need for each order.

Garment Settings

Select the correct garment and where the garment is, all without ever leaving our system.

Customize Store Branding

Easily customize branding options, from logos, colors, names and even the base design.

Manage Add-on Services & Pricing

Add, edit, or delete your add-on services and the costs associated with each add-on.

Manage Notifications Preference

Easily manage how and when you receive notifications about your business.

Manage Profile

Change your profile with ease to fit your needs, from editing addresses, or adding new services.

Customer Portal


Easily see where your order is in its production cycle, whether its still in design or if it's already shipped.

Modify Quotes & Embroidery jobs

Easily get change orders and get an updated quote for your job, all in real time.

Follow up & Convert Quotes

Save your quote for later, or convert it into an order with a single click.

Place Orders

Whether you need to place an order for screen printing or embroidery, our guided process makes it exceptionally simple.

Online Approve / Reject Artwork

Our system lets you approve or reject competed artwork before production begins.

View Orders list

Easily view all of the open, ongoing, and closed orders you've ever placed.

View Order Summary

Easily view a summary of your order, from the project type, to the quantity ordered, to the desired shipping method.

View Activity Feed

See all changes to your invoices, including what changes were made, when they were made, and who made them.

View / Track Shipping

See who's shipping your items, they are using​ what method, and even track where your package is, all within the system.

View / Pay Invoices

See your closed and open invoices and pay them with all major forms of payment.

Communicate with Subscriber

Email or directly message the company working on your job, all from within our system.

Receive & Send Notifications

Use our system to send and receive all notifications to the team working on your product.

Generate Reports

Quickly generate reports of individual or all screen printing and embroidery orders you've made.

View Payment History

Read your complete payment history, including what payments are closed and what payments are still outstanding.

Manage Notifications Preference

Decide how and where you get all notifications from the production crew.

Manage Payment info

Update or change information including switching credit cards or any other major payment method, including Paypal.

Manage Billing & Shipping Addresses

Easily update or delete both shipping and billing addresses and Information with a few simple clicks.

Manage Profile

Edit or update your user profile to best match your personality and your business needs.

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